Welcome to this 1st edition to learn from international experts and share your expertise in a climate of openness and collegiality, from basics to complex knowledge, strategies and techniques.

Dear friends,


The range of action of interventional cardiology has been extended over the last ten years, particularly in the endovascular treatment of valve diseases.

Today the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implatation (TAVI) is the most practiced intervention, but the endovascular mitral valve repair and percutaneous treatment of thoracic aorta diseases are also starting to become regular procedures in our cathlabs.


More and more interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons are willing to get trained for these procedures in order to develop programs for treatment of structural heart diseases in their cathlab. We conceived this event to support their initiatives, from beginner to more experimented operator.
Indeed, each specialist must acquire a strong knowledge of theoretical and practical basics from scan analysis to valve deployment, for the main prosthesis currently available.

Our main objective in creating this Congress, is to provide a tailor-made support from procedure’s first steps to daily practice and management of complications, and allow our audience to strengthen their skills and continue their progress, to improve our patients’ outcome.


Based on a live-cases model, our congress will approach each live procedure in a step-by-step vision, supported by case-in-box presentations and interactive discussions about decision making & technical strategies, focusing on valve prosthesis’ selection.
The world’s best experts interventional cardiologists and cardiac surgeons will be present to share their expertise and support you in this training, in a very friendly atmosphere.