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Requirements and guidance for submitting clinic case

– Categories:


2. TAVI complications and/or failures

3. Mitral valve replacement and repair

4.Tricuspid Pulmonary valve

5. Other valvular and structural intervention

– Describe your clinical case in few lines (500 words max)


– Send your clinical case: .ppt / keynote / video files max upload 128 Mo.


If you have any problem, please contact us:

Please make sure that you’ve registered to congress before submitting your case.

The approval committee will review your case and you will receive an answer within 15 days after the deadline submission


For information, here are the evaluation criteria:


On the merits of your topic’s originality and interest, meaningful interpretation of results


On the attractiveness and clarity of your presentation


If your case is selected, you’ll be put on top of the educational grant lists (France or EMEA or Other regions)

Cases submission deadline : March 29th, 2019

  • 500 words max.
  • Accepted file types: ppt, pptx, key, mov, mpg, mpeg, mp4, avi, pdf, pps, ppsx.